Mental Health Awareness

Written by
Yvonne Edwards
April 8, 2019

Last week at Toolboxit we decided on the charity that we would like to support as we move forward.

The Lighthouse Club is a charity that supports people connected to the construction industry. They concentrate on helping people when they are in a crisis - whether it be financial, legal or mental health issues. They are there to support construction workers when it may feel like no-one else is. Some of the areas that they offer help in are financial and legal matters to construction workers and their families. Last year, the Construction Industry Helpline supported 1662 families in crisis and delivered £1,486,726 in emergency financial aid. If you are interested in finding out about some of the families the charity has supported please check out their 'who we've helped' page - which makes for interesting (and sad) reading if you are working in construction and know the risks of being subcontractors or small business owners.

What also attracted us to The Lighthouse Club is the work that they do under the banner of Building Mental Health. Their goals are to;

  • encourage the industry to engage and embrace the mental health agenda
  • make best practice and information readily and wherever possible freely available
  • ensure that the industry takes a huge leap forward to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by getting the conversation started while educating as many as possible where and when to seek help.

Toolboxit's founders both come from a construction industry background, we have experience as site workers, site foremen, self employed tradesmen, contract managers and business owners. There isn't really any job role in construction that we haven't been involved in whilst we worked in commercial flooring.

A construction site is a place of mental peril, yes, I know that sounds dramatic but having been there and done that and then stepped back and thought about it ...... its not dramatic at all.

The average day of a subbie

So, this is why we are happy to help promote and support anyone who is trying to help. The Lighthouse Club, Building Mental Health and a software company COINS recently launched their own app called:

Construction Industry Helpline

Its downloadable on the play store and app store, is free and best of all confidential. 

The nice thing about this app is that you can check in everyday and get some advice about the way you are feeling, especially if you are feeling a little down or even a lot down. It could be a first step to changing a bad day or it could lead you into calling their helpline on 0345 605 1956 to talk to someone who is trained to help you on a REALLY bad day.

In the coming weeks Toolboxit will be adding to our library a set of toolbox talks on mental health. We are firm believers that talking is the way to get people to take action, so whether it's reminding someone about the dangers of not wearing the correct PPE or encouring someone to talk about their feelings, it's all aimed at getting people thinking and acting in positives ways about their health and wellbeing.

Please take a moment to check out the links above, you may even be in a position to help them out either as a volunteer or with a donation, or maybe by just making someone aware of their app.

Have a good and safe week.

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