After registration and login, you will be presented with an easy-to-use dashboard. Everything you need is accessible from here.

  • Library
  • Operating Centres
  • App Users
  • My Talks
  • Settings - you'll need to go here first.

This area should be restricted to people who have access to privileged information within your company, as there is an area that refers to you debit/credit card.

This area allows you to:

  • Setup your company details.
  • Upload you company logo which will appear on the PDF document created after a talk has been completed. View an example PDF in the button below.
  • Manage your subscription – When you become a FORS member you can upgrade to the FORS option which will require your FORS member ID, or if you wish to cancel.
Example PDF
Operating Centres

Your operating centre(s) or talk locations are recorded here.  When completing a talk, it will be recorded under the talk location it was carried out at.

This area allows you to:

  • Add a talk location.
  • Edit the location.
  • View the talk history of each project.

When viewing the history, you can see in date order which talks have been given on each project. You can also see who gave the talk and a list of attendees.

A copy of the completed talks can be downloaded as a PDF.


When you enter the default library, you will find an extensive list of our Toolbox talks.

This list is constantly updated, to reflect current safety issues.

This area allows you to:

  • View default Toolbox Talks (these cannot be edited).
  • Share a talk, this is a management function and allows someone such as office admin to share a talk they would like to see carried out by all drivers at an operating centre.  Enter email addresses, add the operating centre & include a message. Choose Priority Talk option if it’s an urgent request.
App Users

This is an area where the admin can manage the people who have access to Toolboxit.

This area allows you to:

  • Add new users, by simply entering a name and email address. (Each user will then receive an email inviting them to setup their own unique password).
  • Edit existing app users.
  • Send a request to reset an app user’s password.
  • Delete an app user.

App Users do not have access to this admin area or settings.

My Talks

This is where you can write and forward your own safety talks.

This area allows you to:

  • Add a new safety talk that will be saved to your library.
  • Edit the talk at any time, perhaps to be site specific.
  • Share a talk, this is a management function and allows someone such as office admin to share a talk they would like to see carried out by all drivers at an operating centre.  Add one or many email addresses by using the symbol (;) after each email, add the project name and include a message. Choose Priority Talk option if it’s an urgent request.
Download the App

If you have an Android device, go to the Play store.

If you have an Apple device, go to the App store.

When Signed-in

This is how the page will look if this is your first sign into the app and have added your operating centres in the web dashboard. If no operating centres have been added click on the + sign to add within the app. Any talk locations/operating centres that are created within the web dashboard show immediately in the the app.

There are 3 functions on the bottom of the screen:

1.     Talk Locations - which will take you back to a choice of talk location.

2.     Available talks – This will take you to the list of all toolbox talks.

3.     Requested talks – This is where a requested talk will show.

Requested talks will come from the web dashboard user - which may be a Transport Manager or the FORS scheme responsible person.

Available Talks

After choosing your talk location, you will automatically be moved to Available Talks. This is a comprehensive library of toolbox talks that allows you to pick safety topics that might be relevant to that particular time or situation

The last date that a talk was carried out to help will be shown under the talk title.

Different icons next to the talk name show whether the talk is a default library talk (book icon) or if the talk has been written specifically for your organisation (talk bubble icon).

Requested Talks

Admin can write their own talks and send out talk requests .

This diagram shows the requested talk at the top of the screen. It will stay there until the talk has been assigned to a talk location and completed.

An email notification is sent to alert the app user that a talk has been requested. The talk will already be in your app (refresh app if already signed in by pulling the screen down).

Tap on the talk, assign it to the related project and continue.

Talk Information

Talks should be carried out by the competent person at your talk locations.

Tips on carrying out talks are

Talk directly to your audience

Keep it brief

Stay positive

Demonstrate your point

Aim to tell a story, not quote statistics

Within the talk you can chose the View History button, this will show all previous talk dates.

Employee Consultation

Ask if there are any questions or comments after the toolbox talk.

If no questions of comments then leave the toggle switch in the off position and move on to signing in the attendees.

Employee Consultation

Encourage feedback and interaction and make a note of it in the box by flicking the toggle switch to the on position.

Whatever you write in this box is recorded and added to the PDF document of the talk.

Please note: If you flick the toggle and don’t enter any text you will not be able to move forward until either you switch the toggle off or enter text.

Previous Attendees

If the attendee has previously attended a talk his or her name will already be saved in the app.

Pass the mobile device to the attendee to sign with their digital signature.

Any attendees on the list that are not present at the current talk MUST be deleted. You will not be able to save the talk without their signature*

By submitting the attendees full name and a signature their attendance and understanding of the talk will be recorded.

*it is illegal to falsify another persons signature.


There is no limit to the amount attendees that can be added here.

It is easier for the person completing the talk to add the full name of the attendee by picking the + sign and then pass the mobile device to the attendees for their digital signature.

Keep using the + sign to add attendees until everyone present is signed in

Once everyone is signed in chose the Save button at the bottom of the screen to record the talk

Save & Finish

The talk is complete and recorded.

A PDF document containing all details of the talk can be viewed in the Operating Centre History and can be downloaded if required.