Transport Business or Pre-audit FORS?

Our Software helps Transport Managers

Toolboxit for Fleet is packed full of engaging toolbox talks, written to help maintain the best practices set out by FORS. Safety talks for drivers, maintenance, vehicles and operations, all in our easy to use software.

Toolboxit is proud to be a FORS Associate Supplier.

Have you taken the step to become safer, smarter and greener* and are trying to achieve FORS Accreditation?

Or, do you run a fleet of vehicles, no matter how large and want to improve your safety standards and best practice?

Either way Toolboxit as a FORS Associate Supplier can help you by introducing you to an easy and effective way to carry out weekly safety briefings and toolbox talks with your staff by using our innovative software.

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FORS Accreditation made easier with Toolboxit

Toolboxit’s software is easy to use.  All admin tasks are ran from your web dashboard.  Keep track of talk history, see who’s attended talks and best of all you can add your own talks.  This feature can help you deal with near misses or safety issues that are unique to your organisation or maybe an operating centre.

Secondly, access to the talk library is made via a mobile device or tablet so the person carrying out the safety briefings does not need to print anything.  They open the app, access the library, sign in attendees and collect signatures and save the completed talk – which then shows in the web dashboard.

Talk alerts can be sent out from the web dashboard.  If you have multiple operating centres, it's easy to send out an alert that a talk needs to be completed.  Your team member in those operating centres will receive an email alerting them to the talk request and the talk will then be available in their mobile app.

How Toolboxit App works in the fleet operators business

Mobile App Features

Toolbox Talk Library

Toolbox Talk Library

Access to the safety talk library from a tablet or mobile allowing your designated person to carry out safety talks wherever they are.

 Toolbox Talk App Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures

At the end of the talk, collect the signatures of all attendees on your mobile screen as acknowledgement of attendance and that they understood the talk.

 Toolbox Talk App Attendee Records

Attendee Records

Keep a list of your workers in app so their information can be easily added every time they attend a talk.

Web Dashboard Features

 Toolbox Talk App Talk History

Talk History

Completed talks that are carried out in your operating centres are stored within the software for easy access

 Toolbox Talk App Customisable Talks

Customisable Talks

Write your own safety talks which are then added to your library.  You can send talk requests if you want a safety issue addressed immediately.

 Toolbox Talk App Professional Documents

Professional Documents

Our software converts your completed talks into PDF documents that can be emailed or printed off as you need.  The documents include attendees signatures.

Professional Documents

The App creates professional PDF documents that are similar to manual documents without the need of pens, paper, printers and scanners. 

Documents contain all talk info, date, time, attendees names and signatures.

They are easily accessed through your web dashboard and easily printed off for audits.

Example PDF document

Changeable subscriptions, straightforward billing.

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