Toolboxit For FORS Members & Transport Managers

Software to help FORS members

Toolboxit for Fleet is packed full of engaging toolbox talks, written to help maintain the best practices set out by FORS. Safety talks for maintenance, vehicles, drivers and operations, all within easy to use software.

Toolboxit is proud to be a FORS Associate Supplier.

toolboxit - toolbox talk app for FORS members and fleet operators

Toolbox Talks Are The Best Way To Tackle Complacency In The Workplace.

Toolbox talks carried out regularly by a competent person are proven to keep safety in the forefront of a person’s mind by providing timely safety reminders.

Safety reminders and regular informal chats about best practice, can turn a split-second decision in a potentially dangerous situation into the right decision.

Toolboxit can help you make your organisation safer by providing you with engaging toolbox talks that are full of safety facts. We constantly update our libraries with interesting talks that are relevant to everyday tasks.

Toolbox Talks are the best way to tackle complacency in the workplace.

Regular Toolbox Talks Done The Easy Way, No Paper, No Hassle

When using the Toolboxit app, you have access to an online library of toolbox talks written around the FORS Standards.

  • Web Dashboard to organise talks and add new talks.
  • Easy to use mobile app that gives your competent person access from anywhere to the toolbox talk library.
  • Online cloud-based storage.
  • Completed talks are converted to PDF documents within app.
  • Other functions include:
    - Register attendees in app.
    - Collect digital signatures.
Regular Toolbox Talks Done The Easy Way, No Paper, No Hassle
Toolboxit - safety talks for fleet operators