Toolbox Talks From Start To Finish

Toolboxit's safety talk software helps you carry out toolbox talks from the initiation, onsite completion, sending to relevant parties and online, easily accessed storage.

Safety toolbox talks

Carry out talks onsite using the Toolboxit App.

toolboxit - toolbox talk app

Manage your toolbox talks from the office using the Web Dashboard.

Web Dashboard

This area is your central dashboard where you manage your Toolboxit subscription.

Manage your projects, talks and talk history.

View all completed talks

With Pro subscription you can write your own talks and store them in your library

See who has sent you a talk and what project it should be completed on

Give access to the software to unlimited employees

Write & Send Priority Talks (*Pro Subscription)

Write your own toolbox talks and store in your library.

Send custom talks to collegues or subbies highlighting potential safety issues on a site. Toolboxit users receive directly in their app.

Once complete, app users are able to send their Priority Talk documentation back to you.

Everything managed from your easy to use Web Dashboard

Toolboxit Toolbox Talk App

Project History

All talks are connected to a project. In each project you can search for toolbox talks carried out, who attended them and what date they were done.

Toolboxit Toolbox Talk App

Customisable Talks

Ability to write, save and email your own toolbox talks to numerous recipients with requests for them to be carried out. These talks can be made project specific.

*Requires Professional Subscription.

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