After registration and login, you will be presented with an easy-to-use dashboard. Everything you need is accessible from here.

  • Library
  • My Projects
  • Received Talks
  • App Users
  • Settings - you'll need to go here first.

If you are a professional subscriber, you will also have

  • My Talks

This area should be restricted to people who have access to privileged information within your company, as there is an area that refers to you debit/card card.

This area allows you to:

  • Setup your company details.
  • Upload you company logo which will appear on the pdf document created after a talk has been completed. Please see an example of this document here.
  • Manage your subscription if you wish to upgrade from basic to professional, or if you wish to cancel.
  • Add additional users (charges apply)

Professional Subscription only.


When you enter the default library, you will find an extensive list of our Toolbox talks.

This list is constantly updated, to reflect current safety issues.

This area allows you to:

  • View default Toolbox Talks (these cannot be edited).
  • Share a talk, this is a management function and allows someone such as a site agent to share a talk he would like to see carried out by all trades on a site.  Enter email addresses, add the project name & include a message. Choose Priority Talk option if its an urgent request.

If the recipient is not a Toolboxit user, they will receive a PDF copy of the talk, which they can print and take to the site.

My Projects

Your projects are recorded in this area.  You can add projects here or in the mobile app.  When completing a talk the record of it will be linked to the project it was carried out on.

This area allows you to:

  • Add a project.
  • Edit an existing project.
  • View the talk history of each project.

When adding a new project, you can include the name and start date. This can be edited at anytime, or 'archive' the project, which means it will not appear in the mobile app.

When viewing the history, you can see in date order which talks have been given on each project. You can also see who gave the talk and a list of attendees.

A copy of the completed talks can be downloaded as a PDF.

My Talks
- Professional Only

This is where you can write and forward your own safety talks.

This area allows you to:

  • Add a new safety talk that will be saved to your library.
  • Edit the talk at anytime, perhaps to be site specific.
  • Share a talk, this is a management function and allows someone such as a site agent to share a talk he would like to see carried out by all trades on a site.  Enter email addresses, add the project name & include a message. Choose Priority Talk option if its an urgent request.

If the recipient is not a Toolboxit user, they will receive a PDF copy of the talk, which they can print and take to the site.

Received Talks

This is where you will receive talks sent to you by other Toolboxit users.

This area allows you to:

  • Receive a talk from another Toolboxit user. You will see the talk and who sent it to you.
  • You can view a talk, but not edit it.
  • You can see the history of when the talk was carried out on a project.

The talks that yo have been sent by other Toolboxit users will also appear in your mobile app when you sign into it using the same login details. It is visible in both the Priority Talks and Available Talks.

A Priority Talk needs to be actioned asap by the mobile app user. It highlights that there is a potentially dangerous situation on a site that they are responsible for carrying out toolbox talks on.

App Users

This is an area where the admin can manage the people who have access to Toolboxit.

This area allows you to:

  • Add new users, by simply entering a name and email address. (Each user will then receive an email inviting them to setup their own unique password).
  • Edit existing app users.
  • Send a request to reset an app users password.
  • Delete an app user.

App Users do not have access to this admin area.

Download the App

If you have an Android device, go to the Play store.

If you have an Apple device, go to the App store.

When Signed-in

This is how the page will look if this is your first sign into the app and you have not added any projects within the client portal please refer to the Admin User Guide. Any projects that are created within the client portal are available immediately afterwards and will be available once inside the app, or simply by pulling the screen down within the app to refresh the page.

You can add projects by simply clicking on the add button within the right hand top corner and adding the name of that project and date started.

There are 3 functions on the bottom of the screen:

1.     Projects - which will bring you back to this page at any time and like mentioned above where you can add projects.

2.     Available talks – This will take you to the list of all the standard toolbox talks. In there you assign any talk to any project

3.     Priority talks – If a site specific talk has been issued by a main contractor that uses Toolboxit system, the talk will arrive here and stay here until the talk has been completed

Don’t worry if a main contractor does not use Toolboxit, you can still use the app to send completed talks


Two projects have been created here and for this example we have used Acme building site. The name of the project and the talk being carried out will stay in the header throughout the project.

Available Talks

After choosing your desired project, you will see your library of Available Talks.

On this illustration, you will see a date listed with the First Aid Requirements talk. This date indicates the last time this talk was carried out.

Priority Talks

Any shared talk whether it be from a main contractor who has wrote a site-specific talk or maybe a company owner requesting a talk carried out by his competent person, they will land here. The talk will stay here until completed. An email notification is sent to alert the app user that a talk has been shared. If already within the app, simply pull down the screen in priority talk to refresh and it will appear.

Tap on the talk, assign it to the related project and continue like an ordinary talk as shown.

Talk Information

This is the important talk to be read aloud by the competent person to all operatives on site.

By choosing View History button, this will show all the dates this talk has been carried out.

Employee Consultation

If there are no questions or comments after the toolbox talk, then leave the toggle switch in the off position and move to collect signatures.

Employee Consultation

If there are questions or comments, then flick the toggle switch to 'on' and document the questions and answers provided.

If you flick the toggle and don’t enter any text if will not allow you to move forward until  switched back to off or enter text.

Edit Attendee

Pass the mobile device around to all operatives that attended the meeting and have each one of them enter their full name and sign with a digital signature.


There is no limit to the amount operatives that can be added here. Signature is the only button available if it is the first time doing this talk for this project.

At this point you have the option to save the talk and return to it at a later stage. You can access this talk by going to the client portal – My Projects – History.


An option to delete a Signature will be there if the talk is being done again at a later stage.

If the same operatives are on site, then simply touch the delete or signature button and the operative just needs to sign the box again or the option is there to delete.

Send Email

There are 2 ways to add one or multiple email recipients

1. Touch the Contacts button on the left-hand side and this will bring up all email contacts within the mobile device. Choose to add one or multiple contacts

2. Touch the '+plus' at the top of the page and enter one or multiple emails manually.

All done!

Congratulations. The toolbox talk is complete, the customer has received the talk in a PDF format by email. One less problem to worry about today!

Touch the finish button to take you back to the projects page.