Are you finding toolbox talks a hassle?

As contractors we wanted an easier way to conduct our toolbox talks.
Toolboxit is made by contractors for contractors.

  • Always have toolbox talks to hand.
  • Complete the whole toolbox talk process onsite.
  • Significantly reduce time spent on admin.
  • Go paperless.
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Why do things the hard way?

This is the long-winded process familiar to anyone who delivers construction toolbox talks:

  • Printing-off paperwork.
  • Forgetting to take paperwork to site.
  • Not having access to IT onsite.
  • Struggling with pens and paper.
  • Back to the office to scan everything.
  • Send emails and file paper copies.
toolboxit - toolbox talk no paper

The solution? Toolboxit

Toolboxit is an innovative app designed to simplify safety talks, using your smartphone.

  • Nobody forgets their phone, which means Toolboxit is always in your pocket.
  • Choose from an extensive safety talk library.
  • Sign in attendees and collect digital signatures.
  • Toolboxit users can send and receive Priority Talks within the app - handy for site agents to request site specific safety talks to be carried out.
  • Send talk from your phone.
  • Talk saved into your completed talk library.
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Send professional documents

The Toolboxit App creates professional detailed documents of your completed talks.

  • The PDF includes your company details and logo.
  • The document also contains the talk itself, plus the date, time and organiser of the talk.
  • Just like a manual talk it also includes an attendee record, along with the attendee's digital signatures.
  • Toolboxit saves the document in an online database giving you access to your library anytime.
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