Toolbox Talks From Start To Finish

Toolboxit lets you carry out toolbox talks from stage one - signing in attendees right through to the last stage of emailing the completed talk to relevant parties.

Safety toolbox talks

Mobile App allows talks to be done onsite.

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Manage your projects from the office using
Web Dashboard.

Toolbox Talk Library

Choose from an extensive library of safety talks, such as First Aid, PPE, Silica and Confined Spaces. Our library also includes more common sense talks such as Mobile Phones On The Site and Sun Protection.

Talks are linked to each of your projects, giving you a record of when a talk was carried out and who attended, this makes it easy to see what topics you may need to address.

Priority Talk Alerts

These are received in your app from other Toolboxit app users with the purpose of alerting a potential safety problem on a site.

Once completed in the app you are able to send Priority Talk documentation back to the the person who requested the talk with no paper or the need of any IT.

 Toolbox Talk App

Offline Mode

No signal? no problem. Our intuitive software will automatically save the completed toolbox talks ready to be sent once a signal is re-established

 Toolbox Talk App

Digital Signatures

At the end of the talk, collect the digital signature of all attendees as proof of their attendance and acknowledgement that they understood the talk.

 Toolbox Talk App

Attendee Records

Keep a list of your workers in app so their information can be easily added everytime they attend a talk.

Professional Documents

The App creates professional documents that are similar to your manual documents, just without the need of pens, paper, printers and scanners. 

toolboxit - toolbox talk no paper

Document Sharing

The App allows you to easily send the PDF document of your completed talk to the main contractor before you have left their site.

This feature is a win/win for both main contractors and trades, and best of all it means that workers are being reminded to stay safe.

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