The highs (and lows) of creating an app

Written by
Yvonne Edwards
September 26, 2018
"The fool who persists in his folly will become wise" – William Blake

We'd like to welcome you to the first in a series of blogs about the inception of our company.  At Toolboxit our ethos is based around making Safety Simple, however for us tech novice entrepreneurs the word simple doesn't really apply to our journey so far.

Having an original idea and turning it into a business is no game for the weak hearted, having an original idea and turning it into a tech business when you're used to working on construction sites could as the saying above implies be totally foolish, but we are now proudly coming to the end of a 16 month process that has seen our idea sprout from a seed into a fully functioning subscription based app.

Coming from a construction background there has been a steep learning curve into the world of all things tech and quite honestly there is a feeling that we are only just peeking in, how far we actually want to look in is the million pound question that we ask ourselves..... should we try to be more hands on and learn the magical language of code? or just let the whizz kids do their stuff as we sit trying to explain our vision using crude drawings on paper ??

Like most people the thought of what lies behind our daily use of various apps and software hadn't crossed our minds. We touch buttons on our phones and click icons on our computers and laptops and voila! we talk to our friends and loved ones on the other side of the world (or in some cases in the room next to us), we buy and listen to music, watch tv, read books, do our banking and shopping, then there's the crushing of candy, playing of cards and throwing Angry Birds around.

The above is a list of things that give us enjoyment, entertain us and save us time and hassle and have evolved in the last 10-12 years to be 'can't live without ' staples in our lives.... I wondered how long the average time was for someone to be without their phone/tablet before they got uncomfortable and felt disconnected – so I googled it and found there is actually a medical condition called Nomophopia (Also known as Smartphone Separation Anxiety)!

Thanks to our phones, the ease that we now do our daily (and quite often mundane) tasks is ultimately what led us to the idea of Toolboxit.  Turning to technology to facilitate our wants and needs in both our personal and professional lives make up majority our days, but working in construction specifically on construction sites this is the absolute polar opposite of the normal day to day processes – note books, pencils and pens, large blueprints/drawings all get dragged to site, instructions still get printed out on paper along with important health and safety data like RAMS and COSHH information without a second thought. I can state that working as a contract manager for a finishing trade for the last 15 years there have been uncountable times that I have printed off various 'IMPORTANT' documents, only to leave them in the printer tray with the promise of forwarding them on when I got back to the office.  

Thinking about Toolboxit, it wasn't that we were looking for an idea .... in fact, even though we'd love to claim that on a building site one day that there was a eureka moment, there wasn't. However, when the idea materialised there was a crystal-clear moment of excitement as to how great it would be to have access to that kind thing - yes, I call it ‘thing’ because at that point we were only excited by the thought of the convenience of having it on our phones, and we could say that we were blissfully ignorant as to how we would end up getting it on there.  

That was the beginning of our journey from construction site to app owners (and also now bloggers  - another thing that doesn't come easy) we hope you enjoyed the blog enough to visit the site again to follow our ups and downs, high and lows…..

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